We are passionate about the health of New Mexico soils, especially in the area of agriculture. Our business is a “soil health” business with a focus on biologically complete compost as the main means to achieve healthy soils. My vision for the business is to make and sell high-quality solid compost and liquid compost, do biological microscope soil assessments for people, consult/educate, and do the actual revitalization for different clients’ sites. I’ve been in regenerative agriculture for over 9 years and have been doing soil food web work for over 4 years.

We are a new small business with limited means and want to grow the business little by little. We also deeply care about the community and want to do what we can for the people and the land in this area.

Our hope is to find a landowner that has a small parcel that is a good fit for our business to start making compost. The main requirements are access to water on demand (well or city…willing to add a meter and pay for use) and enough space to compost. We are starting by hand but hope to have small equipment in the future. We are looking for 1/4 acre minimum and 1.5 acres maximum. The location would hopefully be somewhere in the Albuquerque area. Access to electricity (willing to add a meter here, too) would be a huge plus.

We are willing to trade solid and liquid compost, the service of testing soils, and applying composts to your land to help improve it. We are also open to leasing/paying rent if the spot fits our needs and if we can afford it but would much prefer trading compost and services.

Your consideration would be greatly appreciated. I deeply care about this work and the positive changes that soil regeneration can achieve.