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Animal Sciences & Natural Resources



Craig Gifford

Phone: 575-646-6482 or 405-880-1877
Email: cgifford@nmsu.edu

  • Beef Cattle
  • Beef Production

Robert Hagevoort

Phone: 806-786-3421
Email: dairydoc@nmsu.edu

  • Dairy Management
  • Dairy nutrition
  • Stockmanship

Jason Turner

Phone: 575-646-1242
Email: jlturner@nmsu.edu

  • Equine Management
  • Owner Education

Marcy Ward

Phone: 575-646-5947 or 575-644-3379
Email: maward@nmsu.edu

  • Livestock Management Systems

John Wenzel

Phone: 575-646-3019 or 575-534-7562
Email: jwenzel@nmsu.edu

  • Livestock Disease
  • Veterinary Care


Range Management


Doug Cram

Phone: 575-646-8130
Email: dcram@nmsu.edu

  • Forestry and Fire
  • Natural Resource Management

Casey Spackman

Phone: 575-646-3098
Email: spackman@nmsu.edu

  • Rangeland Assessments
  • Range Management
  • Plant Identification
  • Poisonous Plants



Rossana Sallenave

Phone: 575-646-6093
Email: rsallena@nmsu.edu

  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Water Quality
  • Watershed Management
  • Aquaculture



Sam Smallidge

Email: ssmallid@nmsu.edu

  • Wildlife Management

Plant Sciences

Agronomy and Soils


Robert Flynn

Soil Agronomist

Phone: 575-748-1228

Email: rflynn@nmsu.edu

More about Robert Flynn

John Idowu


Phone: (575) 646-2571

Fax: (575) 646-8085

Email: jidowu@nmsu.edu

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Mark Marsalis

Forage Agronomist

Phone: 505-865-7340

Fax: 505-865-5163

Email: marsalis@nmsu.edu

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    Richard Heerema

    Pecan Specialist

    Phone: (575) 646-292

    Email: rjheerem@nmsu.edu

    More about Richard Heerema

    Bernd Leinauer

    Turfgrass Specialist

    Phone: (575) 646-2546

    Email: leinauer@nmsu.edu

    More about Bernd Leinauer

    William Giese

    Viticulture Specialist

    Phone: 505-865-7340

    Email: ggiese@nmsu.edu

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    Stephanie Walker

    Vegetable Specialist

    Phone: (575) 646-4398

    Email: swalker@nmsu.edu

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    Shengrui Yao

    Fruit Specialist

    Phone: 505-852-2668

    Fax: 505-865-5163

    Email: yaos@nmsu.edu

    More about Shengrui Yao

    Marisa Thompson

    Urban Horticulture Specialist

    Phone: 505-865-7340

    Email: risi@nmsu.edu

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    Pest Management


    Leslie Beck

    Weed Specialist

    Phone: (575) 646-2888

    Email: lebeck@nmsu.edu

    More about Leslie Beck

    Jane Pierce

    Agronomic Entomologist

    Phone: (575) 748-1228

    Email: japierce@nmsu.edu

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    Agricultural Economics & Business

    Ag. Business Management


    Michael Patrick

    Phone: 575-646-5682
    Mobile: 575-202-4253
    Patrick Profile

    Eduardo Medina

    Phone: 575-646-2925
    Mobile: 575-621-1188
    Medina Profile

    New Mexico State University

    Cooperative Extension Service


    The New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service (CES) delivers practical, research-based knowledge and programs that improve New Mexicans’ quality of life. A part of NMSU’s College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, CES is a unique federal, state, and county partnership. CES has staff in all 33 counties and many Tribal areas in New Mexico, and collaborates with more than 1,000 organizations, state and federal agencies, other universities, and 10,000 volunteers.