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The property is {What is the acreage of the property you are offering?:16}

GCI Farming is a 256-acre organic farm located in Bloomfield NM. We strive on using sustainable organic farming practices that are economically viable, environmentally sound and protects public health. Our farm is home to multiple projects, including: forage crops, pumpkins, sweet corn, green chilies, variety of vegetables, and industrial hemp. The farm is also the home of a 5,000 sq. ft. greenhouse that is used to make quality starts for outdoor production along with growing desired plants during unseasonable times. We are in the infancy stages of many other projects that consist of establishing a hop yard, organic blue corn, hoop house production and local composting operation.

JOB OPPORTUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT: Greenhouse/Produce supervisor

GCI Farming is seeking a Greenhouse/Produce Supervisor for the 2021 season ending December 31 2021. The position may be re-negotiated or extended pending review post-season. The supervisor needs to be a self-motivated individual who is driven to grow the best food and forage possible for the four-corner community. An individual that wants to advance their career working within the field of organic farming and vegetable production, who is competitive in a team environment and driven to progress the development of GCI Farming.

Duties and Responsibilities: Supervisor will work directly with the farm owners on a wide range of tasks but not limited to:
 Greenhouse production planning
 Greenhouse work (seed starting, maintenance, harvest, irrigation)
 Fieldwork (Soil prep, planting, cultivation, scouting, harvesting)
 Manage small work crews throughout the production season
 Inspect, washing and packing produce
 Assisting with delivery of products to customers
 Record keeping (organic and food safety documentation)
 Assist with Marketing (increase local sales, farmer markets, and food hub)
 Assisting with Organic Pest Management and soil fertility planning
 Assist with future construction and planning of new projects

Qualifications: Our ideal candidate has demonstrated success in a fast-paced diverse farm operation with knowledge of row cropping and greenhouse production. Ability to take guidance, work collaboratively and alone is highly desirable. Training will be provided on the job as needed. Desired qualifications include, but are not limited to:
 2 years’ experience in Greenhouse production or related field
 Ability to safely operate small and large farm equipment
 Knowledge of irrigation system design, installation, and repair (hand lines and drip)
 Knowledge of organic and food safety standards
 Computer knowledge
 Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
 Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills
 Construction knowledge or experience is a plus
 Reliable transportation
 Must be physically able to lift 50lbs repeatedly, kneel, engage in repetitive tasks and be outside in all kinds of weather conditions.

Compensation: Supervisor will receive a base $2,000-$3,500 monthly salary (DOE) with bonus based on yield and sales. Weekly produce boxes available during production season.
We encourage all applicants to send their resume and cover letter to