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This opportunity is located at
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507

The property is {What is the acreage of the property you are offering?:16}

Job Title:
Field Manager

Job Description:
The Field Manager co-manages the farm alongside the Markets, Sales & Harvest Manager. This position leads all growing operations and farm infrastructure and is in charge of maximizing space, crop productivity, and labor efficiency. The Field Manager is a steward of the land and ensures healthy farm practices to maintain and build healthy soil.

Job Responsibilities Include:
-Manage all aspects of vegetable production and growing operations in 3 seasons following organic standards, including but not limited to: seed ordering, seed starting & greenhouse care, field planning, field preparation, cover cropping, laying compost, tractor work, mowing, planting, cultivation, irrigation, pest & disease management.
-Follow and adjust the season’s farm and crop plans as needed.
-Follow regenerative and organic methods to maintain healthy soil and plants: crop rotation, cover cropping, composting and organic amendments, low-no tillage, weed management.
-Maximize growing and labor efficiency. Ensure to the best of their ability that crops are ready on schedule.
-Manage, train, and direct farm crew and volunteers to complete farm tasks on a daily basis, with the exception of harvest/wash/pack which is directed by Markets, Sales & Harvest Manager. Set work schedules for farm crew with Markets, Sales & Harvest Manager.
-Manage inventory and maintenance of farm tools, infrastructure, and supplies relevant to seed starting, hoop house, field growing, field tools.
-Follow given budget to run farm operations.
-Maintain records and data of all aspects of production.
-Harvest, wash, and pack. Manage quality control to standards of Markets, Sales & Harvest Manager. ———-Ensure produce holds a high standard of quality of presentation, flavor, and cleanliness.
-Organize/ prioritize schedules and tasks for farm and labor needs.
-Maintain and improve general farm organization, cleanliness, and safety for visitors.
-Be working toward maximizing growing efficiency and production in all aspects of farm production and labor.
-On site customer service.
-Always be working toward the farm’s long term vision and goals.

About the Organization:
Reunity Resources is a 501c3 not for profit organization located in Santa Fe, NM that models a closed loop food system, turning food waste into valued products and back again. The organization has 3 branches: food collection, compost operation, and farm. We collect food waste from local public schools, restaurants, and residents, bring it back to our property where we turn that food waste into premium compost and vermicompost, then use the compost on our farm fields to grow high quality and diverse vegetables for the community.

The farm, Reunity Farm, is about 1.5 acres in cultivation and is a highly trafficked area by visitors and volunteers. We focus on growing diverse vegetables for local sale at our on-site farm stand, farmers market, and to restaurants involved in our food collection program as well as offer a flexible CSA style program and donate all produce we can. 2020 will be Reunity Farm’s second official season- our goals are to continue focusing on and improving produce accessibility, community engagement, and to increase farm production.