Hello! My name is Bennett Black and I am an aspiring young farmer  looking to put down roots here in the Southern Rockies. I am primarily  seeking land in Taos county, as that is where my family resides, but  open to anywhere in the general region of northern New Mexico if that  ends up being what fate dictates.
My background is in environmental science (with an emphasis on  ecology & biodiversity), permaculture design, the culinary arts /  restaurant work, and natural building. I have been drawn to practicing  landscape design and farming as a career since being exposed to the  challenges facing our food system and rural economies in my early days  at college. Only recently, however, have I felt that my accumulated  knowledge and experience have built a solid foundation, and that I’m  ready to put into practice my methods, principles, and ethics on a  larger scale.
I aim to foster local and regional resilience through myriad  methods: Practicing agroforestry, native plant cultivation and seed  saving, immersing myself in the traditions and responsibilities inherent  in acequia culture, honoring the wishes of the original inhabitants of  the land, identifying emerging markets for novel crops, helping to  integrate locally produced food into local cuisine, developing a  nonprofit focused on reducing erosion through rainwater harvesting  earthworks, exploring the potential of returning the horse to a primary  mode of regional transit, and offering free / low cost design services  and installation to any folks interested in regenerative landscaping  practices.
Due to the more permanent nature of the style of agriculture I desire  to engage in (heavily focused on earthworks and perennials), I am  primarily looking for land for purchase, though would not be opposed to a  lease-to-own circumstance if it seems like a right fit. I imagine there  will be a negligible return of financial capital for the first several  years of my operation, so not interested in bank financing. My initial  budget for land purchase is $100k, though this is slightly flexible  depending on the nature of the water rights conveyed with the land and  the size of the parcel.
Thanks for looking! You can contact me at rsbkblack@gmail.com or 575-586-5860