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About Us

North Valley Organics grows certified organic fresh market vegetables for sale at grocery stores, CSAs and farmer’s markets in Bernalillo county. At NVO, we believe that understanding and respecting the biological life in soil and plants is the driving force behind organic agriculture. As organic farmers, we are always growing 2 crops, one cash crop for us and one crop that is dedicated to the soil microbes that sustain all life. Based our success at applying these principles, we are a USDA-certified training site for those interested in principles of soil health and organic agriculture. We use a living mulch, minimal till cover-crop system for growing fresh market vegetables that allows us to farm intensively while simultaneously feeding our soil. Our principal cash crops are tomatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, carrots, peas and green beans. All of our practices are inspired by the biodynamic worldview and values as well as the permaculture principal of holistic ecosystem management.

Job Description

For the 2018 season, we are looking for two qualified individuals to join our team as our Assistant Farmer and Apprentice Farmers. Applicants for the Assistant Farmer position are expected to have previous experience working in agriculture. Assistant Farmers will work 30 – 35 hours a week in exchange for a $300/week, unlimited farm produce for personal use, and a plot of land for personal use or sales at the farmer’s market. Apprentice Farmers will work 18 – 22 hours a week in exchange for a $200/week stipend and access to farm produce.


We are seeking individuals with a long term interest in small-scale sustainable agriculture in New Mexico. To join our team, a person must be both self directed and willing to learn, able to manage their own work when necessary and also work as part of a team. The ability to communicate and to be upfront about personal needs and abilities is also important. Any candidate MUST be able to repeatedly lift heavy objects (25-50 lbs) and perform regular and frequent squats. They must also be able to perform long hours of manual labor in challenging weather conditions. Preference will be given to candidates who have experience being or working outdoors, particularly in the southwest or other arid climates. All candidates are required to have health insurance and to comply with safety standards on the farm.

Enrichment Opportunities

As a USDA-certified training facility, there are many additional benefits to working at NVO. All members of our team will be immersed in the sustainable, organic farming practices we use including living mulch systems, cover cropping, crop rotation, irrigation management and the use of beneficial biological inoculants. In addition, we hold bi-monthly “brainiac” meetings to offer opportunities for staff to discuss the intellectual basis of our farming methods and to explore literature relevant to our work. We also organize tours for our staff of other organic farms in the Albuquerque area. Finally, team members have the opportunity to network with our partners in major agricultural institutions such as the USDA, the Bernalillo County Extension service, Western SARE and many more.