Tips for Creating a Great Land Listing


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Clear and Concise Title

Great listing titles are clear, concise, yet descriptive.
DO: 10 acres in Santa Fe with irrigation     DON'T: Looking for a farmer for my land


Detailed Land Description

A detailed land listing description increases your chances of finding the right fit. Good things to include:

      • Info about you and your motivation for listing your land
      • Details about available infrastructure or equipment
      • Specifics about irrigation and/or water rights
      • Any prohibited land uses or activities

Quality Property Photo

It's required that land listings have a property photo for the profile picture.

Listings with quality photos are proven to generate more interest than those that have low-quality images. If you don't have a picture of the land you are listing, another option is to locate the property on Google Earth and then take a screenshot of your computer screen (for Windows, hold down Windows logo+Shift+S and drag your mouse over the area your wish to capture. For Mac, hold Command(⌘)+Shift+4 and drag your mouse over the area you wish to capture). Then upload the screenshot from your computer to the listing profile picture.