Get to Know Our Partners!

These entities have provided input on creation of this website, and are in ongoing dialogue about the various ways we can work together to keep agricultural land in production, support rural and land based communities, improve the health of our soil and watersheds, and foster future generations of farmers. Additionally, each offers land linking resources in a variety of forms appropriate to the people the organization serves.

We encourage you to reach out to these entities to learn more about their work and land link opportunities that they offer.

Northwest New Mexico New Farmer Network

The mission of the NWNM New Farmer Network is to foster the next generation of specialty crop farmers in San Juan County by increasing access to land and providing farmers the support they need to grow. We walk the landowner and land-seeker through every step of the process, including property visits, arranging meetings and communications for both parties, and facilitating the lease agreements.

Agriculture Collaborative

This dynamic group is made up of citizens, growers, farmers, producers, food processors, food buyers, representatives from government agencies, agricultural organizations, retail operations and manufacturing companies, scientists, professors, community activists, and economic development specialists. We are committed to improving the sustainability and profitability of local food and agriculture in New Mexico’s mid region.

NM Farmers’ Marketing Association

We are committed to supporting our state’s farmers and the markets that sustain them.

  • Educating the public about locally grown food and farming
  • Helping create access to healthy, fresh and affordable food for underserved populations Providing foundational support to community-focused farmers’ markets
  • Helping farmers stay on their land

Edible Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos

edible Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos is a bi-monthly publication that promotes and celebrates the abundance of local foods in North Central New Mexico. We value local, seasonal, authentic foods and culinary traditions. We celebrate family farmers who plant the seeds and work tirelessly to bring you the freshest local produce, the ranchers and poultry farmers committed to creating healthier and more sustainable methods of working with animals and the land; the food artisans who proudly create a creamy cheese and the wines to pair them with, and the local chefs who continually create to excite us with the unique flavors of this region.

Cultivating Bernalillo County Grow the Growers Program

The Cultivating Bernalillo County Grow the Growers program is a comprehensive farm training and business acceleration initiative designed to attract new and emerging farmers into professional food production.

Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District

The Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District, a political subdivision of the state of New Mexico, promotes the conservation, improvement and responsible use of the natural resources on the rural and urban lands within its boundaries.